Veterans With Mesothelioma

Veterans who served in the military from 1930s to 1970s are at risk for asbestos exposure. Asbestos products were used by the military in the sleeping quarters, barracks, ships, and weapons due to its ability to resist heat and flames. Military servicemen who served during World War II have a very high risk of asbestos exposure, particularly those who served in the Navy. When Pearl Harbor and its vessels were attacked during WWII, asbestos fibers were disturbed and became airborne, leaving the hundreds within that area at risk for exposure.

The construction of the vessels themselves more than likely contained asbestos parts such as insulation and gaskets. The boiler rooms found on these ships had the highest concentration of asbestos. The decks and flooring also contained asbestos. Sailors lived on these ships for weeks at a time and were often in closed, ill-ventilated areas. The lack of constant airflow increased their chances of exposure.

Thousands of veterans invested years of their lives to serve their country, and in return were left at risk for asbestos exposure. Neither the government nor veterans were aware of the health hazards caused by asbestos. Many were unaware that these products contained asbestos. However, manufacturers were fully aware of the dangers of asbestos, but continued to sell their products for profit.

If your mesothelioma is due to asbestos exposure during your military service, you may be eligible to file for VA Benefits and Compensation. This may help cover some of your treatment and medical expenses.

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